The Facilities Management and Planning Department is responsible for the construction of new capital improvement projects, and the modernization of existing schools. In addition, the Department represents the District for City and County planning, land use and development issues; directs the District’s participation in the state school funding programs; monitors the State Department of Education site, plan, environmental requirements and obtains appropriate approvals; tracks the progress of projects in anticipation of funding needs and bid market conditions.  Also, the Department manages the Civic Center (school rental) and School Development Fees Program and collects the required fees.

Updates and implements the District’s Facilities Master Plan that was approved in April 2009 and includes: (1) a determination of the need for new schools, school additions, and school modernizations based upon enrollment projections and other factors; (2) recommendations for the preferred locations of new schools and resultant impact on existing attendance boundaries; (3) development of a financial plan to support the needed facilities; and (4) development of a schedule for design and construction of new schools and other facility modifications based upon the financial plan.

Finally, the Department prepares enrollment projections for annual budget development, staffing, and facilities planning and manages the following budgets and funds: Building Fund, Developer Fee Fund, Civic Center Agency, Special Reserve Fund and the department’s operating budget.


Phone: (559) 457-3074

Address: 4600 N. Brawley Ave., Fresno, CA 93722

Alex Belanger, Chief Executive, Facilities Management & Planning, Maintenance & Operations

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Maintenance Department
(559) 457-3261

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Projects in Construction

  • Bullard High North and South Gyms HVAC Upgrade
  • Del Mar Elementary Cafeteria Replacement
  • Edison High New CTE Building
  • Education Center Modernization
  • Francine and Murray Farber Educational Campus
  • Fresno High Auxiliary Gym and Tennis Courts
  • Sunnyside High New CTE Building

Projects Recently Completed

  • Duncan High New Health Science CTE Building
  • Edison High Gym Expansion
  • Hoover High Library Modernization

Projects in Design – Upcoming

  • Hoover High Administration Building Replacement
  • Roosevelt High Administration Building Replacement

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