A construction worker working to build McLane High School's new pool.

​The Facilities Master Plan – Final Report was approved by the Board of Education on April 29, 2009. 

Since plan approval in 2009, school staff, consultants and department staff continued to implement the plan.  High School Master Plans have been integrated into the original plan.

The work to develop this plan was extensive and included many elements such as:

  • Development of educational facility standards;
  • A review of demographic data and trends;
  • An educational suitability review of all schools and a condition assessment of high schools;
  • A financial analysis of options for funding facility recommendations;
  • An implementation plan for the options identified; and,
  • Communications activities and engagement with stakeholders.

Facilities Master Plan Final Report

Facilities Master Plan Final Report, April 23, 2009

Updates to the Facilities Master Plan

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