"A History of Fresno's School" cover

“A History of Fresno Schools” was originally written by Dr. Addicott in 1980.  To maintain the spirit and style of Dr. Addicott’s “thumbnail” histories of the schools, we have updated and revised the information.  This booklet has been a useful resource for students and alumni over the past thirty five years.

Specifically, we have added a brief history of the names of the new schools opened since 1980.  Also added is a section for schools no longer in operation, and information on schools that have been significantly changed.  For example Sequoia Freshman High School is now Sequoia Middle School and is found in the middle school listings) or an added explanation (i.e. Manchester campus no longer houses the adult school, but is now a magnet gate school).

About the Author – Introductions and Acknowledgements

Closed or transitioned school information page 

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