Dr Addicott

Dr. Irwin Oliver Addicott was born in San Jose, California, on March 29, 1899.  He attended schools in the San Francisco area.  From 1928 to 1938 he served as principal of various elementary schools and as Director of Curriculum and Instruction in the Fresno Unified School District. He then joined the staff of Fresno State and became Vice President in 1958 and served until his retirement in 1966. Astrid (Jensen) married Dr. Addicott and they raised three children in Fresno.  Dr. Addicott died on October 29, 1988, and is buried at El Carmelo Cemetery in Pacific Grove, California.

Introductions and Acknowledgements

The thumbnail sketch of school sites owned by the Fresno Unified School District and grew out of request by the Board of Education. It is not a definitive history of these schools or school sites. The compiler of this information, was deeply indebted to many individuals in Fresno for information included herein. Among people and publications found to be especially helpful were: Mrs. Mariana Roeding Butler; Mrs. Margaret R. Robinson, who was for 26 years a member and spent a term as president of the FUSD Board of Education; Dr. Samuel Suhler of the Fresno County Library Reference Department and other members of the staff, and especially members of the district who tapped their memories and suggested source materials. Also helpful were microfilmed copies of the Fresno Bee and the Fresno Republican, the doctoral dissertation of Mr. John Dow entitled, “History of Public School Organization and Administration in Fresno County, California. 668 pages, 1967, and a study entitled, “Data Regarding Physical Properties Compiled As An S.E.R.A. Project – 1935” completed during the administration of then Superintendent of Schools Dr. O. S. Hubbard.
– Irwin O. Addicott


Fresno Bee “Ask Me” Article about Dr. Addicott on October 24, 2015, by Paula Lloyd

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