Potential November 2024 Bond Measure

Board Workshop April 29, 2024 Support Material

Measure X

The Measure X Bond  was approved by 67% of the voters on November 8, 2016. The District is authorized to issue and sell bonds up to $225 million to repair, modernize, upgrade, renovate, remodel, construct, acquire, replace, equip, furnish, rebuild and otherwise improve educational and support facilities within the District.

Measure X Ballot Measure – Full Text

Measure Q

The 280 million Measure Q Bond was approved by 76% of the voters on November 2, 2010.  Combined with 90 million in state and federal funds, Measure Q has supported the construction of new facilities and significant investment in improvement of existing facilities within the district.

Measure Q Ballot Measure – Full Text

Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee

​The Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee meets bi-monthly at the Service Center, 4600 N. Brawley, Fresno, CA  93722

Contact person –  Karin Temple, Chief Operations Officer (559) 457-3134

Bond Documents

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